PVC Compound (Lead Free) –...


  • Type lead free PVC/A compound is used for insulation and sheathing for electric power cable.


  • 25kgs bag or depend on customer’s requirement.



  • Lead free PVC/A compound is suitable to RoSH standard
  • Application standards: IEC 60502, TCVN 5935, IEC 60811.
  • Maximum temperature condition in normal use is 700C
  • Temperature setting (0C):140-145-150-155-160-165-170.
  • Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Black, Grey, White or Green
Test Method Test Condition  Unit Value
Mechanical and physical properties
Without ageing
Tensile Strength IEC 60811-1-1 Mpa > 12,5
Elongation IEC 60811-1-1 % > 150
After ageing
Tensile strength
Variation, maximum
IEC 60811-1-2 1000C, 168h MPa
> 12,5
± 25
Variation, maximum
IEC 60811-1-2 1000C, 1680h %
> 150
± 25
Heat shock testt IEC 60811-3-1 1500C, 1h no
Electrical properties
Volume resistivity  IEC 60502-1 200C Ω.cm > 1013
700C Ω.cm > 108

Beside above list we can also provide others size depend on customer’s requirement


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