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Mission - Vision



Supply nonferrous metal products with high quality in fields: Electrical cable, magnet wire, communication cable, marine cable…

To customers: DOVINA commits to satisfy maximum customer’s benefit based on consult and supply perfect, qualified products, professional services with competed price.

To Dovina staffs: DOVINA always concerns about material and spiritual life of employees, guarantees stable incomes, especially appreciates of loyalty, dedication for development of company. To guarantee employees often being trained for raising up skills, being developed political and cultural benefit.

To shareholders: DOVINA always tries to maintain annual high-up dividend

To profession and country: DOVINA commits to well perform financial obligation towards state budget, to appreciate and comply the rule and policy of profession and government in order to contribute stability of non-ferrous metal market, to concern of taking care of social and donation tasks for sharing difficulties of community.

Vision up to 2020:

Expecting when 2020 DOVINA would become a most professional non-ferrous metal supplier in local market with turnover reach at least US $ 500.000.000 and reach top 300 of  leading Viet Nam business

To supply products, services with best quality, competed price and satisfy customers demand which increasing day by day.

Strongly invests in research and development process, optimizes producing method and giving birth high quality products for response customer’s demands.